tunnel of fudge

A warm, dark, delicious tunnel anyone (who loves chocolate) would want to indulge in. This is Ashely’s new apartment cake. I was concerned there was too much chocolate in the cake…what was I thinking?!

Look at the picture. You can see the tunnel of fudge, and that’s just what it is. Dense, chocolate, moist, better than a brownie, tunnel of fudge. Surrounded with chocolate cake, and topped with ganache.
Calories? I have no idea, and I don’t want to know.

The recipe is in “Cook’s Country – Best Country Recipes” It’s on sale in the bookstores now. www.cookscountry.com
This cake is delicious. I knew I had found a ‘keeper’ recipe when I tasted the raw cake batter; it was the absolute best cake batter I have ever tasted. Good quality chocolate really makes a difference.
There is no chemical leavening in this cake, yet it rose and baked to chocolate goodness. A small piece goes a long way, so, share with your family and friends.

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