Sunday Worship-Gardens-Fountains in Paris

The green spire of the American Church in Paris(bottom right) stands proudly near Pont Alexandre III (bridge), the Petit Palais, the Grand Palais, the Eiffel Tower(center), and a few blocks away from Dome Church and Napoleon’s Tomb, and Invalides.  This morning, all the pews were filled as well as side seating, the pastor delivered a wonderful message, and we exited after the visiting choir from Texas concluded the service with upbeat, uplifting music.

Standing in Place de la Concorde, and looking around in all directions offers a magnificent view.  Though now a parade route, the square once held the guillotine and was the execution site of Marie Antoinette and 1,000+ others.

We enjoyed lunch in Jardin des Tuileries (gardens), especially Jerry’s chestnut cream dessert, Coupe Mont-Blanc.

…a most delicious, floral black tea

I walked out the gates of the Tuileries gardens and gazed through the Arch de Triomphe du Carrousel onto the inverted glass pyramid at the Louvre.

We walked directly in front of the Musse d’Orsey, along the banks of the Seine.

St Michael’s fountain was spectacular, in the midst of a very busy intersection.

I must say that Jardin de Luxembourg are the most beautiful gardens I have seen(travel guide states that this is the most popular park in the whole of Paris).  Though they display potted palm trees (which seem out of place to me), the remainder of the gardens are breathtaking.  A band played in the distance, children were  running around the pools of water and among the trees, young boys pushed white sailboats in the pool, and young and old sat in the chairs throughout the gardens enjoying the day, the intermittent sunshine, the hefty wind, and a few drops of rain.

Vendors sell their wares along the Seine, we walk on the cobblestones of the lower deck along the Seine on Ile St Louis, arriving at our dinner destination.

Bodega is a restaurant on a boat docked on the Seine River across from Notre Dame.  Rain showers preceded this magnificent rainbow in the afternoon sky.

Sunset turned the windows of Notre Dame a golden glow, and afterwards, the pink sky of the setting sun painted the high walls of the great cathedral.  What a truely amazing sight, sitting and watching the sky darken and the lights begin to illumine the bridges along the Seine.

Drizzle, rain, wind, and more rain and wind did not deter our day, nor that of many others in Paris.

About 11PM after dinner; Martha in Paris:

Another great day in this great city…how will I ever leave…

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