Scotch shortbread

I’m impressed with the texture and the taste and the golden color of this shortbread. But I’m most impressed with the ‘perfect points!’  This shortbread cuts easily and yields perfect points in the center.

I stored the shortbread overnight in a tin.  When I lifted the lid of the tin the next day, the rich, buttery aroma drifted up and into my senses much like being enrobed in an old, threadbare, Grandmother – quilt.

The original recipe is from Michael Ruhlman and can be found here.  One of the comments to the original post stated that this shortbread is a delightful compliment to a glass of high-quality, single malt Scotch.  I didn’t have Scotch; I tasted my shortbread with a steaming cup of Tazo black tea.  Delicious!

Be sure you include the rice flour in the batter.  It does make a difference!

sunlight and shadows:

I dusted the top of this shortbread with vanilla sugar immediately after removing from the oven.

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