roasted tomatoes become pizza sauce

I pureed 6 roasted roma tomato halves (here’s the link to the roasted tomato blog post) and I had instant pizza sauce.
The pureed roasted tomatoes / pizza sauce needs no ingredient additions to achieve great flavor. Everything was added during the roasting stage.
Add a little browned sausage and some shredded cheese. Transfer from bread peel to a very hot, hot baking stone in a very hot oven. The semolina in the image above helps the pizza slide off the peel and onto the stone, and it adds a little crunch to the bottom of the pizza.

One thought on “roasted tomatoes become pizza sauce

  1. I dont get an baking stone at home but I think it is really authentic. Your pictures looks really delicious. I like the idea of roasted tomatoes, i imagine a taste more deep. greetings