I’ve completed another “Ratio” baking adventure.  These lemon pound cakes follow the parts as listed on page 61 – 62 of M. Ruhlman’s “Ratio;” however, I added the zest, juice, and PULP of 2 large lemons to the batter. 

I doubled the recipe, and I probably should have added more lemon juice/pulp/zest, but the amount I used gave a nice subtle twang of lemon to the cakes.  And, the pulp baked into little brown flecks on the edge of the cakes. 
I don’t own 9″ loaf pans; I used 2 – 8 1/2″ loaf pans, 2 – 3″ round cake pans, and the remaining small portion of batter I baked in a sugar coated ramakin, which became my personal, hot-out-of-the-oven ‘test cake’ as my grandmother called them years ago.  I highly recommend the ‘test cake’ in all baking routines.
I didn’t glaze the pound cakes while they were hot and fresh out of the oven.  Even without the glaze they are not dry.  I think the glaze would be an added plus to the taste, and will probably glaze the next pound cakes I bake.
Here’s a quick list of parts, but I highly recommend you read the book.  The possibilities are endless.
1 part butter  (I used 16 oz)
1 part sugar
1 part eggs*
1 part flour 
2 t. salt 
2 t. vanilla
lemon zest, pulp, and juice
*Here’s a note about the eggs from my market.  Large eggs are weighing under 2 oz and extra large eggs are weighing 2 oz.  That’s about .25 oz less than what I have read is a standard.
Use the scale to weigh the ingredients.  You should be very pleased with the results.   

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