pecan domed rum cake

Real bakers don’t use cake mixes – - silly me for thinking such.

As I reached for the cake mix box on the grocer’s shelf, all I could think about was, ‘what preservatives and words that I cannot pronounce are ingredients in this box?’
I followed the old, traditional Bacardi Rum Cake recipe, which can be found numerous places on the internet. I must confess that, even though this recipe includes a cake mix, the cake is really good. I chose spiced rum, because ‘spiced’ is what fall baking is all about.
I would like to try a different recipe that does not use a cake mix, but I’m baking another rum cake next week, and I’ve already purchased the box mix. It works…what can I say?
These cakes were baked in the William’s Sonoma cranberry molds. They made cute little bundts. A word of caution – don’t overfill the pan. I know this from experience!

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