Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur and Moulin Rouge

Chocolate begins my day in Paris, again.  The cafe on the corner of my street serves le petit dejeuner  which consists of (fruit presse) freshly squeezed orange juice served over ice, hot chocolate (or tea or coffee), and a (chocolate) croissant.  Martha added eggs, and the serving becomes Le Breakfast.

Afterwards, we walked along several narrow streets…

…my first ‘up close’ sighting of French Macarons…

…and cross one of many bridges in the city.  The back side of Notre Dame, in all it’s splendor, stands before us.

window shopping on the walk back to the flat:
up many, many steps (more than you see here) to Sacre Coeur
lunch in Place du Tertre which is always busy with budding painters 

 went inside and listened to beautiful music

 just walked by the building; didn’t go inside; need to rest before 9PM dinner

Delicious late dinner at Cafe Hugo in Palace des Vosges. 11:51 PM here….goodnight.

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