my name ‘up in lights’ ….

…well not exactly – more like on page 216, in the back of the book, in the middle of all the acknowledgments. However, it’s there, and it’s fun to see it there.

I, along with many, many others, tested recipes for cookbook author / Johnson & Wales University instructor, Peter Reinhart’s new book, “artisan breads every day.” He always responded to emails and offered encouragement and/or modifications when a recipe underproduced. I’m still flattered that this book author would take the time to reply to my emails and comment on my food photography.
Of the breads I tested, Chocolate Cinnamon Babka was my favorite (page 153). And, my largest mess was created while testing Best Biscuits Ever on page 175. The test recipe required butter in the size of dimes. I’m glad to see the final recipe requires grating frozen butter. Believe me, butter the size of dimes will melt out of the dough and all over the parchment.
I watched this book’s creation from test recipe #1, through release day on October 27, 2009 via Mr. Reinhart’s blog and emails. This is a great book for bread bakers. Here’s the link; add this one to your library!
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(Reposting below old blog entries, photos, and emails during the testing process.)
testing recipes for a new book
Tuesday, October 7, 2008

another new adventure…

that’s what life is made of…

I love the adventures!

I’ve been reading Peter Reinhart’s book, “The Bread Baker’s Apprentice” for the past few months. It’s a great book, especially if you are interested in learning baker’s math.


October 6…a post on the “Wild Yeast” blog:

Peter Reinhart, author of several wonderful books including The Bread Baker’s Apprentice and Whole Grain Breads, is looking for recipe testers for his new book. If you’re interested, see Peter’s blog for more information.


October 7…an email from Mr. Reinhart:

Happy to have you aboard. Please forgive this impersonal note, as I am now up to 295 testers and need to write to all with this note. From now on, please check the blog every few days for updates. I will send out the first recipe next week and will then let folks what recipes are available for testing via the blog and you can request whichever one you want when you send back the previous response form. Please keep the attached file to use as your response form each time. … Many thanks in advance for all your help and support.




It looks like I’m going to be testing recipes for his new book…

Stay tuned….


What fun! I tested a few of the recipes for his new book. I would submit my reply form, along with pictures-of course-and Mr. Reinhart would reply to my emails! How exciting to hear directly from the cookbook author. What a wonderful experience. I anxiously await the release of his new book later this year.

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