my clementines – not the song

The recipe uses the entire clementine, including the peel. I had never tasted a clementine, and baking with the entire fruit sounded interesting.

As I read in one of the foodie blogs, “the clementine is this cake.” It’s true. From the aroma to the texture to the taste – it’s all clementine.
The cake is made with almond meal. This meal has a course texture, much unlike our wheat flour. I like the added texture the almond meal provides in this cake.
As the recipe states, let this cake sit for a couple of days. I have tasted the cake directly from the oven and also a couple of days later. It is much better after it rests for a couple of days.
Nigella’s receipe can be found here.

One thought on “my clementines – not the song

  1. This is such a good cake. I've made a couple of variations over the past couple of years and really enjoy how moist and tasty it is. Clementines are so flavorful and I enjoy them far more than just oranges in something like this.