Mom’s cookbook notes dated August 10, 1945

I found this today

folded inside an old cookbook.

It’s written on lined notebook paper

with a #2 pencil.  I recognize my Mom’s handwriting.

She would have been 14 years old at the time this was written—

tune: Row Row Your Boat

  • Rows, Rows, Rows of jars
  • On the pantry shelf
  • They’ll keep us fit
  • They’ll do our bit
  • We can them all ourself
  • Can Can all you can
  • Can Can all you can
  • For the winter you must plan
  • You must be happy and sing
  • As you turn each ring
  • Be sure you screw each ring tight
  • So it will keep through the night
  • Fill each jar with car
  • For the fruit can easily bare
  • When winter is drawing near
  • You won’t have to worry when it gets here
  • You can eat and eat all you can
  • Then put away your pots and pans

(I’m not sure about a few of the words, but the point of the song is clear-can the fruit, etc. Prepare for winter….)

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