Joe Pastry on ‘fruitcake’

Here’s the link to his post today. He says it time to make your Christmas fruitcakes!

Now is the time to make and bake your loaves. This way, they’ll have plenty of time to mellow..”

And, here’s his reply to my email:


Subject: Re: ahhhh

Date: September 8, 2009 9:09:02 PM CDT


Don’t let ANYONE laugh at your fruitcake, Gale. Crack it open and eat it proudly!
(Then send me a slice because I’m going through serious withdrawal.)
- Joe

On Sep 8, 2009, at 9:00 PM, Gale Reeves wrote:
I have one (Alton Brown’s recipe) in the freezer from last Christmas. Maybe I should cut the cake and taste. My friends just laugh when I talk about fruitcake.


(repost from November 16, 2008)

If you could smell the smooth, sweet aroma drifting through my entire house at this

moment, you would never make a ‘fruitcake’ joke again!!!!!!

Yes, I’m baking a Christmas Fruitcake…my first ever.

I’m using a recipe from Alton Brown, and adjusting a little here and there. Rather than the rum the recipe suggests, I have used Cruzan Vanilla Rum. I left out the candied ginger. There’s nothing in this fruitcake that I wouldn’t put in a scone or muffin…well maybe not the rum…

The pictures below will tell the story.

I had to taste while it was still warm. It was delicious. I will bake this again!

The three cakes are now wrapped in cheesecloth, and resting inside a tin. I’ll soak them over the next few weeks with more of the vanilla rum. The flavor should improve with each passing day.

(repost from December 4, 2008)

Would you rather taste a cake named Vanilla Rum Raisin Cake than one named Fruitcake? What is in a name?

I’ll call it whatever you want…it tastes good!

It passed a few food critics at work. Next week, I’ll serve slices to my brothers, who, up to this point have offered very ‘creative comments’ about my fruitcake.

One thought on “Joe Pastry on ‘fruitcake’

  1. Oh, we would get along So Well! Loving the vanilla rum soak–just yelled it to my husband. His eyes lit up!

    Free Range Fruitcake lovers of the world, unite!