it’s all in the book..



Step- MOM
basically the Mom
a California girl
and a Memphis gospel choir
oh yes, and the cats
It sounds like the makings of a good southern novel, or a county music song.
A few minutes ago, I read the last page of “The Package Deal – My (not-so) Glamorous Transition from Single Gal to Instant Mom” by Izzy Rose.  Who of us cannot find ourselves some place in that mix-of-words title?
Here’s the link to the book on Amazon and here’s the link to the short video promotion of the book.
This book is Izzy’s memoir.  I have had the honor of watching this life story unfold from prior to the birth of ‘the Tall One.’  You see, I’m a friend of the ‘mother-in-law.’  Have you ever had the opportunity to read a book about the life of someone you know – someone you really know? It’s a strange feeling, seeing life written on the page.  We read fiction, we read biographies, we read autobiographies,  but how often do we read about real people with whom we talk and laugh and cry and hug and interact?
Izzy’s style of writing keeps the reader engrossed in the page.  I couldn’t put the book down.  I’m sure part of that was because I wanted to see how she would tell the family saga.  But, her use of words had me laughing out loud (sitting in a room alone; that’s a strange feeling to laugh out loud when no one is around) one moment, and wiping tears from my eyes the next.  And I knew the basic story line!  I knew what was coming next.  And I still cried!
I think I gave Hank and Izzy a cake stand as a wedding gift.  It was one of those pastel stands  from Williams Sonoma.  I hope it was pink; I just don’t remember the color.  Perhaps it has had the honor of displaying Gram’s Rum Cake (page 202).
You have to read the book.  Whether you are interested in the recipe for Gram’s Rum Cake or the 21 Stepmom rules, there’s something in the book for everyone.
Izzy, what’s next?  I’m (im)patiently awaiting your next book…
UPDATE:  June 11, 2009
Here’s the link to photos from Izzy’s book reading and signing in Memphis, TN

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