Italian meringue method – French macarons

Undermixed and Overbaked, but look at the feet – - -pretty Feet!

These are the straight, smooth-sided feet I’ve been trying to achieve.

My prior French macaron baking attemps have relied on recipes using the french meringue method of mixing the macarons.  Today, I experimented with the Italian meringue method of mixing the macarons.  I followed this recipe from the King Arthur Flour blog.

The process, as written in the blog, was easy to follow.  It seems that this type meringue method can handle more folding of the batter.  I should have mixed the batter a little longer, as is evident by the peaks on the top of the macaron shells.

The bottom of the feet are a little too brown.

I filled these with Nutella and set them for a cool overnight rest in the refrigerator.

These were delicious with great texture and taste!  I’ll work on ‘pretty’ next.

macaron #12

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