I have to write this…

Who have you influenced….unaware?

There are many versions, but this is my favorite:
King James Bible
“Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”
Hebrews 13:2
Thank you, Instructor Tanya, for giving of your time to teach the class, Baby Cakes, at Viking Memphis.
How could you have know the indirect influence you would have on a young person’s life.  Or, the extended benefit to our military, and one in particular stationed in Kandahar, Afghanistan.
I speek of My Co-worker A, and her fiance R.
A is slightly unsure of her baking skills, yet, out of her love for R, she is baking and sending care packages regularly to R, who is at this time serving his/our country.
to slightly backtrack –  -
We mixed and baked Mini Mason Jar Strawberry Cakes during the Viking Baby Cakes class.  As is the norm for dessert Viking classes, the box of goodies I carried home was overflowing.  I took the box to work the next morning and shared with the ladies in the office.  From the box, A chose one of the mason jar mini cakes.

A few days later, A accomplished this – -

confetti mason jar cakes
A’s fiance R’s birthday:
we are forever thankful for those who serve…
Remember, this is a young lady who does not bake; but, Instructor Tanya, with your indirect influence, she has baked, packaged, and mailed mason jar mini cakes to Afghanistan.  
I feel like we should all take a moment and recite the Pledge of Alligience….through misty eyes….

I pledge allegiance to the Flag
     of the United States of America,
and to the Republic for which it stands:

     one Nation under God, indivisible,
With Liberty and Justice for all.

(photos courtesy of My Coworker A)

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