Hyde Park, NY – CIA – how exciting

(bridge east across Hudson River, then north to Hyde Park and CIA)

Sunday September 13
I’m really here again! When I left last September, I knew I would return at some point in the future, and here I am. Alarm clocks (yes, more than one) are set for 4:30 AM EST. Orientation begins on campus at 6 AM tomorrow morning.
I drove around the campus earlier today, fondly remembering last year’s week of Baking BootCamp (my links here), and wondering what wonderful experiences are yet to unfold at this Pastry BootCamp.
Does one week make one a pro? NO. But I do know where to park, where to attend class, and where to get the hot water for my morning tea.
It will be an exhausting week, as our days begin at 7AM and end around 9:30PM. I intend to post during the week (intend being an imaginary bold font).
As an aside, the Barnes & Noble bookstore here (in Poughkeepsie) is two stories high. I’ve never seen one that large. I now have the new book, “Confections of a Closet Master Baker – A Memoir.” Rather than reading, I need to be sleeping…..

One thought on “Hyde Park, NY – CIA – how exciting

  1. How wonderful for you! I am sure you will have a wonderful and enjoyable learning week. I look forward to your posts this week.

    Janice in Anchorage