gingerbread biscotti

easy, easy recipe — ginger ‘bite’ lingers after you consume the biscotti — perfect for fall

“Soft Gingerbread Biscotti,” that is. I don’t like the ‘hard as a brick’ type found in some trendy stores, but freshly baked biscotti is another matter. Even biscotti skeptics would probably enjoy this treat made without preservatives, etc, etc, etc.

My niece and nephew still remember the gingerbread house I made when they were but toddlers (20+ years ago), and I still search for gingerbread recipes to this day. I love the hot bite of the ginger, blended with cinnamon and other spices. I’ve searched for the perfect gingerbread, and finally found one I like (see this post.) However, this book by J. McGlinn holds additional promise of great ginger things to come. I hope to bake from several pages of this book.
This biscotti was a huge hit at work yesterday. The dough mixes easily, although you do have to get your hands into this one. I will omit the additional sprinkling of sugar during the second and third bake; but, otherwise, the recipe is perfect. The baking fragrance is everything fall. Today, on day 2, the biscotti is slightly crunchy on the edge and slightly soft inside – perfect with my morning Tazo ‘Earl Grey.’
I highly recommend the book and the biscotti recipe on page 62.

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