My Grandmother Easterwood raised chickens, so I’m not exactly a novice; however, I’ve never seen blue and green chicken eggs – until Saturday.  The Memphis Farmers Market continues to grow, and one of the current vendors is Donnell Century Farm (  They were selling farm fresh eggs; among the eggs were brown, white, green, and blue eggs.  Here’s one link discussing the shell color of eggs.

The eggs (shells only) in the wire chicken basket are about 20 years old.  My Great Aunt Hazel pierced the eggs, and blew out the contents.  I’ve kept the egg shells for years.  She is no longer with us, but I remember her fondly.

These eggs are almost too pretty to use…almost…

One thought on “eggs

  1. Gale,
    I am so pleased you liked your eggs. Thank you for supporting not only my farm but the whole farmers market.

    Please come see me the next time you are at the memphis farmers market.

    Andrew Donnell
    Donnell Century Farm All-Natural Angus Beef