chocolate, chocolate cookies

“Twin Chocolate Cookies” to be more correct.  This is another Cookie Jar – Hannah Swensen – Joanne Fluke recipe (“Blueberry Muffin Murder” page 136).

The outside of this cookie does not crunch, but holds within it’s walls a rich, decedent center.  Though I toasted the pecans, there is so much chocolate that the pecans are included mainly for texture and not flavor.  I would add a touch of espresso powder; however, they are delicious just as the recipe is written.

The cookies puff a bit in the oven, then fall and crack when removed from the oven.

I froze some of the cookie dough in #50 scoop ball size.  I believe, if possible, the cookies taste better and bake better out of the freezer.

These will be a win-win with all your chocolate lover friends and family.