quiche quest

In my quest for what my palate considers the perfect quiche, I continue to search and research and bake, and then try another recipe (earlier efforts here) and bake again.  I don’t really know what I’m looking for, but I do think I will know when it is achieved.

I’m becoming pleased with the crust recipe I’m using; however, the custard/filler portion of the quiche is still definitely a work in progress.

I’ve been on this quest for about a year, and I have baked some really bad quiches.  I’ll look back some day and realize that the journey to success is littered with trials (that would preach on Sunday morning!).

I’ve become a fan of the Cooking Channel, and Rachel Allen Bake.  In a recent episode, Rachel was teaching her cooking students to prepare a spinach, potato, and goat cheese tart.  Her crust making process appeared simple, and I was again inspired.  The pictures in this post are of my first attempt using her recipe.  I have since tweaked the recipe, more to suit my taste.

The pictures below are pretty, but the dish still needs adjustments.

nutmeg…In my opinion, the more the better.  I now grate fresh nutmeg over the top of the quiche before and after baking.

afternoon sunshine…photographer/artist sneaks out at least once in every food shoot

crust…molds well in the removable bottom tart pan

I think my filling overflowed, baking to a darker, crunchy, flavorful crust.  It’s probably not culinarily correct, but it’s pretty.
attractive slice…taste is important, but so is pretty

As you can see, the bottom crust is too moist.  That I have now corrected by increasing the blind bake time.  I prefer the potatoes shredded rather than cubed.  The baby spinach would probably be more flavorful if I added some ‘fat meat grease’ as Mom would say, but as of yet, I’m sticking to the healthy version.

You can find Rachel’s recipe here; however, I’ll note my adjustments in a later blog post, along with updated pictures.