someone, please tell me why this is good for me!

I have tried and tried to eat yogurt.  I found it slimey with an aftertaste. The ladies at work have offered suggestions; my friend in NE of the famed Mrs. Ermel’s Blog has offered suggestions.  None seemed to convince me that what I was tasting was actually good.


I’ve found an orange creme Yoplait Whip (140 calories) that I can enjoy.  This reminds me of an orange push-up…almost.  
Now a member of the healthy yogurt eaters of the world, I decided to read the ingredient list.  Is this stuff really good for me????!!!!!
I have never been a sweet milk drinker, ice cream often does not sit well in my stomach, and buttermilk with cornbread – out of the question!
Here’s a list of ingredients:
  • low fat orange creme yogurt, which consists of the following:
    • cultured, pasteurized, grade A, reduced fat milk
    • sugar
    • nonfat milk
    • high fructose corn syrup
    • modified corn starch
    • kosher gelatin (Some Kosher gelatins are made with agar-agar, most are not.) (Kosher gelatin can be made with fish bones, and/or beef skins.)
    • orange puree  (WHOO HOO! finally something that sounds good)
    • potassium sorbate added to maintain freshness
    • natural flavor
    • colored with annatto extract (used to color cheese yellow) (from wikipedia: In the United States, annatto extract is listed as a color additive “exempt from certification” and is informally considered to be a natural color)
    • vitamin A acetate
    • vitamin D3
  • lactic acid esters of mono and diglycerides
  • nitrogen (we put this in tires at work)
Again I ask – do the good qualities outweigh the bad in a serving of yogurt?