Foodie Memphis dinner gathering at Las Delicias

Foodie Memphis consists of a diverse group of people who love food and meet monthly at various restaurants in the Memphis area.  General information and details related to monthly gatherings are posted on the Foodie Memphis facebook Info page.

Stop by the the Foodie Memphis blog to see photos of previous dinners and discussions with restaurant owners.

I’ve followed the group via facebook for a few months; Mexican on the menu drew me into the fold.
Everyone at my table welcomed me, the newbie, with tastings of this, samples of that, and ‘have you  tried this?’

We sampled so many dishes, I don’t remember everything that was passed by my plate. I do, however, remember the tamales.  They were my favorite of the night.  (I recall my Grandmother and Father making tamales many years ago in the rural West TN kitchen…fond memories)

Follow the blog and facebook posts.  If you are interested in sampling a variety of foods, consider participating in the monthly dinner meals.

Hipstamatic images via iPhone4

a view
through the front door
the chips are the best I’ve ever eaten
look closely at the chips
 explaining every dish we would be served
new friends at my table; ample food
tasting and sharing
 one of many dishes served
ah, the tamales
 sample this
 well fed
 food and fellowship
 room for dessert….always!
 restaurant owner uses freshest of ingredients; quality dishes abound

…until next time