it’s 5 o’clock somewhere

a closer look

the chocolate view

This is another of my ‘beach baking’ treats.  Oooooie  gooooooie brownies, creammmy cheesecake, and rainier cherries…what a combination for the last night at the beach! 
It’s been almost a week since I enjoyed this ’5 o’clock somewhere’ treat; the memories are sweet.
The cheesecake brownie is another winner from “Ready for Dessert” by David Lebovitz. This recipe included, all my beach baking was accomplished with only a pan, bowl, and a spoon.  No fancy mixer, no special tools (well, except for my scale, which I packed with care); it’s amazing what you can do when you don’t have tools at hand, and you really want to bake.
The brownie layer contains three types of chocolate, and the cheesecake layer contains 8 oz. of cream cheese – all in an 8″ square pan, or 64 square inches of goodness.  And, one square inch of this rich brownie is an adequate serving.
The cherry garnish was my add; it’s not in the recipe, but I think they add color, and I know they add flavor. 

peach frangipane galette

You can’t see the thick, gooey, aromatic layer of frangipane under the peaches – but it’s in there! And that layer is what makes this humble peach galette fit for any royalty.  The curst is perfect also.  It easily rolls into shape, bakes to a golden brown crisp, and tastes as buttery, flaky as in your dreams.

My galette did spread a little during baking.  Next time, I will pack the fruit higher in the center, and wrap the dough a little more compact.  

Notice the golden brown crust, studded with raw sugar added prior to baking.

I used the remaining portion of frangipane not required for the galette in this recipe.

beach breakfast

I could eat healthy like this every day…if I had time in the mornings, and a 6th floor balcony, and a white sandy beach, and the emerald green waters of the Gulf Coast.  Though that is not my normal routine, for this week it is exactly my routine.  
As I sit and listen to the waves crash on the shoreline, I enjoy season-fresh fruits and my new favorite granola.  I’ve taken a vanilla granola recipe and ‘kicked it up a notch.’ In omitting the oil, I have in it’s place added frangipane.  This yields a most flavorful almond granola, the almond aroma wafting around your senses as soon as the granola is poured into a bowl from the freezer (yes, store your granola in the freezer.)  You can find the frangipane recipe in David Lebovitz’s “Ready for Dessert.”  I used 1/2 the frangipane recipe in this granola; the granola bakes to a very rich, almond scented mixture.
I cleaned my plate!  (notice the reflection of the balcony railing, balcony wall, gulf waters, and horizon – all in the bowl of the spoon)
This granola does not maintain the crunch as with other granola recipes; however, the flavor well compensates for the loss of crunch/softer granola.


Page 221 from David Lebovits’s “The Sweet Life in Paris.”

My book ‘falls’ open to this recipe, for I have made them more than once. The recipe is wonderful. Follow his mixing method, and definitely allow the batter to sit for 10 – 12 hours. This resting time allows the lemon flavor to permeate the batter.
Fresh from the oven, they have a slight crunch on the outside edge and are cakey inside. They are equally delicious glazed with the lemon glaze. And, to prevent excessive consumption, I freeze these baked beauties. They are quite good from the freezer.
In addition to the recipes, David has a way with words and is quite the storyteller. He relays every day life of an American in Paris. This is a must read for any American contemplating more than a weekend stay in Paris.