finally!!!!! – a cream scone that is awesome

I still believe Ina’s orange cranberry scone is the absolute best scone (made with butter) that I have ever tasted. I’ve tried cream scones in the past – all very unsuccessful.
“The Sweeter Side of Amy’s Bread” page 5 – ‘Cherry Cream Scones’ (this is going to be a great book after such success early in the book) I must admit, I mixed these and the shaping and cutting of the dough was a huge sticky mess. I added what I thought was too much flour. I cut them into something resembling a square, baked 2 (which turned out looking more like a puffy pancake), and froze the remainder. I’m done with this! (I thought.)

As an aside, the two I baked were DELICIOUS. The combination of tart fresh cranberries and the orange zest I added, along with the creamy scone was perfect. So, great flavor, but terrible presentation, and I like ‘pretty.’
As I said, I froze the remaining 10 scones. That’s where the miracle happened. Tonight, I pulled two out of the freezer, popped them into the oven as frozen cubes of dough, baked, and who!!! hooo! Beautifully shaped scones. They held their shape perfectly. And they tasted every bit as delicious as the fresh baked dough.
FREEZE this scone dough before baking. You’ll be glad you did.
As an aside, the next time I bake these, I’m going to prepare the scone dough, and then scoop the dough into some very small pottery dishes and bake. I think they will be pretty in the pottery, and I will not have to worry about shaping and cutting.
Again, these are delicious. Do Not hesitate to try this recipe.