chocolate nutella microwave molten cake

As food bloggers, we frequently strive to create beautiful images of food.  We attempt to tickle the reader’s sense of smell, taste, and anticipated satisfaction.


As you can see, the last bit of chocolate nutella microwave molten cake cling to the inside and outside of the ramekin.
Let me say, this cake is DELICIOUS, and so easy and quick to stir together.
The original recipe states that the cake can be microwaved in one large coffee cup.  I used two ramekins; next time I’ll use three.
rich, creamy, tasty batter ready for one to two short minutes in the microwave:

 beginning to ‘puff’

 a small crack in the top, but beginning to look like a baked cake

 obviously….the ramekin is to small!!!!

 no turning back now; just let it f l o w  …………

 I just can’t post this image full size.  Though this does not appeal to the eye, if you give it a chance it will  definitely appeal to your senses of smell and taste.  (The cake isn’t burned; the cocoa is very dark.)

The cake resembles a lava cake, with chocolate/nutella cake on the top, and molten chocolate/nutella in the bottom of the ramekin.
I ate every bite!  

Chocolate Nutella Microwave Molten Cake
(recipe adapted from here)
Mix in bowl:
4 T White Lily self rising flour
4T granulated sugar
3T cocoa powder
In separate bowl, mix:
1 egg
3T whole milk
3T olive oil
3T Nutella
Add dry ingredient mixture to wet, and stir well.  Pour into THREE ramekins.
Microwave (mine is 900 watts; 100% power) 1 to 2 minutes, checking often for doneness.  My toothpick came out clean; however, I didn’t push the toothpick to the bottom of the ramekin.