Sarabeth’s Bakery blueberry muffins

Thank you, My Friend J (of Mrs. Ermel’s blog), for my Christmas Cookbook!

“Sarabeth’s Bakery: From My Hands to Yours”

The blueberry muffins are baking and the slight undertone of orange aroma is floating through the house on this cold, snowy, January, TN, Saturday.

I was there..
I was there and didn’t know what was before me.  I visited NYC in June 2010 and made a quick trip to Chelsea Market.  I stood in front of the table lined with jars of Sarabeth’s jams, and I just didn’t know…
I walked away…not knowing…

Following the directions for blueberry muffins in “Sarabeth’s Bakery,” I dished the muffin batter into 10 of the 12 regular size muffin wells (well buttered – this made for easy removal of the baked muffins with all tops in tact-none broken.)

They baked to tall globes, topped with golden, crunchy streusel.

Real muffin tops…

And on the inside, they have a slight color tint from the orange juice.

The muffins are tender and moist, and almost melt in your mouth.  The fresh blueberries explode in your mouth and the subtle orange resides in the background, providing that something extra that puts these muffins over the top.  Crown all that with a little sweet crunch from the streusel on the top of the muffin, and you have a warm, comforting breakfast/anytime muffin.

These muffins are large, and one is enough….but you will have to resist the urge to take a second.

An hour later, the muffins are cold yet the orange and blueberry flavors have somewhat intensified.
(someone had to eat the broken muffin after the photo shoot…)

You can follow Sarabeth’s blog here (she often posts recipes from her book) and visit her website here.

frangipane – blueberry version

I have probably grossly misused the word for the divine, almond pastry cream like mixture, frangipane. However, the almond flavor in frangipane is so intense, and I’m looking for a blueberry flavor just as intense.  Perhaps the oil in the almonds add to the intensity; that oil quality may not occur in blueberries.

Listed below are a couple of internet references related to frangipane.

from O Chef:
What is Frangipane?

 I have a cookbook that was written some time ago. In it there is a recipe for frangipan. The recipe resembles pastry cream. It mentions nothing about almond paste. Did frangipan always have almond paste in it?
 It is interesting how food and cooking terms can evolve over a few hundred years. The earliest reference we can find to frangipane dates from about the mid 1600s, and was applied to a custard tart that included both ground almonds and pistachios in the custard. Since then, it is most often used to refer to an almond-flavored pastry cream, but, like you, we have found a reference to a vanilla-flavored pastry cream without almonds also called frangipane. We have found a pastry shell itself that goes by the name, which may be stuffed with a savory filling rather than sweet. Finally, it can be a gooey, savory paste, used to stuff meats or fish before cooking.
Given all those choices, we vote for the almond-flavored pastry cream, and intend never to use the word for anything else! Nowadays, it is mostly spelled frangipane or frangipani.

Actually, frangipane can be any cream or custard-like substance with nuts.

I’m looking for a blueberry granola recipe with blueberry flavor as intense as that in my almond (frangipane) granola. Thus, an experiment is outlined before you.

Blueberry powder

Blueberry paste – this has the consistency of just made marshmallows

made from these dried blueberries (Simply the Best from Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA)
Photograph here should be of the frangipane-blueberry version; I’ll insert later.
Frangipane-blueberry version mixed with honey, and ready to pour over granola mixture.
Blueberry granola, 30 minutes out of the oven.  The blueberry flavor in this granola is not as intense as the almond flavor in my almond frangipane granola.  I’ve stored the granola in the freezer for a couple of weeks, to age.  

If the experiment is a success, I’ll update this post with the recipe.

thankful for our "red, white & blue!"

Chris Tomlin “America” lyrics

“Let your glory fly!

Let your glory fly!

Let your glory fly!

If my people will humbly pray

Turn from sin and their wicked ways

And I will hear them and heal their land

And show my glory and power again, yeah! …”

Blueberry-raspberry muffins this morning remembering our red, white, and blue flag proudly flying over our land. I’m glad I can stand under this flag as it flies.

The recipe was from sophistimom; the muffins are mixed more like a cake than like muffins. They were delicious.

relaxing rainy day

Today has been a lazy, rainy, Saturday…just made for rest and relaxation.  And that’s about all I’ve done.  I did attempt a scone recipe this morning.  I chose the recipe because these scones are made with sour cream, and because I didn’t have cream, which I use for most of my scones. Maybe it’s not the fault of the recipe…maybe it’s because I hurt my finger and could not mix the scones well…but, for whatever reason, this recipe now resides in the Trash can on my computer.  However, a camera can make almost any ‘mistake’ look good.