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Seattle is a food lovers dream city.  Here is one of several posts on my blog related to Seattle.  
During the visit I was allowed to photograph Bakery Nouveau in operation.  As a result of that wonderful experience, some of my photos from the bakery have been included in a new book, “The Pastry Chef’s Apprentice.” 
Chris (from Bakery Nouveau) sent me a copy of the book.  I opened the book and smiled…just smiled.  The book contains wonderful recipes, adapted for home preparation.
Thank you, Chef Leaman, and all Bakery Nouveau employees for allowing me to invade your space on that beautiful July day in Seattle. 
the book!

 photographer credits:

 Chef scooping cookie dough:

 French macarons…..macarons:

Click HERE to see other images from my visit to Bakery Nouveau, West Seattle, Washington.

food adventures in Seattle, WA

I’ve just returned from a few days visiting Seattle, WA.  Seattle is a food lovers town.  I participated in a few city tours around Pike Place Market, and tasted many, many dishes of the Pacific NW.  I’m in the process of editing (many) pictures, and I’ll post a link soon.  Also, I’m compiling a list of food tasting opportunities, along with web site links.  Many offer internet sales, and one would be well served to buy from these home-grown vendors.

I also visited Bakery Nouveua in W Seattle.  Watch for a full post related to that experience very soon.

Bakery Nouveau in Seattle, WA

I will have the opportunity to visit Bakery Nouveau in Seattle, WA in a couple of weeks.  After the visit, I’ll post a few pictures and describe to you some of the bakery items.

My association with Bakery Nouveau has come through Katerina.  You can read the short story here.

The bakery has graciously listed my blog on their blog section, ‘blogs we read.’  I am honored.

Here’s a link to Bakery Nouveau’s website.  Soon, some of those delectable treats will awaken my taste buds.


Aren’t friendships wonderful! ….and often found in the most unlikely places…

I attended a week-long ‘baking bootcamp’ at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY two years ago.  (Here is the link to my pictures.)  During the class, we were aided by student assistants.  They were wonderful, and they worked very hard to keep 14+ students on task.  I have maintained contact with Katerina (one of the student assistants) via the wonderful world of the internet.  She has since graduated from CIA, and is working in a bakery in Washington state.  I’ll be traveling there this summer, and will have the opportunity to visit with Katerina, and sample something(s) from the bakery.

I follow the bakery’s blog where Katerina is currently employed.
My blog was mentioned in a blog post from Bakery Nouveau in Seattle, Washington.  Here’s the link:

Here’s the link to the bakery’s web site.

Such simple things can make us smile….