Candy Brittle inspired by Anne Thornton

Anne Thornton hosted a few episodes of “Dessert First” on the Food Network.  Her Twitter (@Anne_Thornton) posts say she will be back in the spring.  That’s great news since she makes the most amazing dessssseeerrrtttssss!

After baking Christmas Almond Cakes with my friend V, we boiled some sugar syrup and made Anne’s candy brittle.  The process was quite simple, especially since her husband M let us use his space age, infrared, red laser thermometer to check the sugar syrup temperature.

We used the infrared thermometer to check the accuracy of the bulb thermometer; both read surprisingly close to the same temperature.

strings of sugar

candy ice, poured onto aluminum foil, studded with hard candies, and allowed to cool

my friend V, quite pleased with our project (isn’t her HO HO HO apron so cute!)
Making the candy ice was FUN. We broke the candy and looked at it from all angles and under different light.  This is a happy candy and one can’t help but smile when looking at the festive shards.