blessed opportunities

I wake up each morning, and I have no idea where the day will lead…..

…but I know that I continue to be excited about where I’m going…..

I celebrated 54 yesterday, quietly thanking my Mother and Father for giving me life.
I have had the opportunity to experience more than I ever dreamed possible, and there is more to come.

Today’s devotional (Matthew 25:  21) began, “take risks for God…”
“the only mistake is not to risk making one…”
“go out on a limb; He won’t let you fall…”
“take a big risk; He won’t let you fail…”

At present, I’m obsessed with finding and reading Paris blogs.  I love the pictures, and the stories they tell.

Isn’t the fingerless lace glove beautiful?

After dinner at Bodega, aboard a boat docked on the Seine, across from Notre Dame, she introduced herself (a famous foreign actress), told us the gloves were made in Spain and worn on her most recent movie.  She was very personable and talked to us with casual, non-rushed ease; she was traveling to NYC within hours.

If you are homesick for Paris, here is one of many sites overflowing with images of the great city.

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