Bakery Nouveau featured

Seattle is a food lovers dream city.  Here is one of several posts on my blog related to Seattle.  
During the visit I was allowed to photograph Bakery Nouveau in operation.  As a result of that wonderful experience, some of my photos from the bakery have been included in a new book, “The Pastry Chef’s Apprentice.” 
Chris (from Bakery Nouveau) sent me a copy of the book.  I opened the book and smiled…just smiled.  The book contains wonderful recipes, adapted for home preparation.
Thank you, Chef Leaman, and all Bakery Nouveau employees for allowing me to invade your space on that beautiful July day in Seattle. 
the book!

 photographer credits:

 Chef scooping cookie dough:

 French macarons…..macarons:

Click HERE to see other images from my visit to Bakery Nouveau, West Seattle, Washington.

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