mint chocolate biscotti

Think of mint chocolate Hershey’s Kisses, chopped and mixed into a rich chocolate biscotti….

If you are a fan of ‘Thin Mint’ girl scout cookies, you will love these.  By the way, friends are selling girl scout cookies now – buy yours from a Girl Scout today.

Biscotti made at home is so much better than purchased biscotti.  One never knows how long biscotti in the retail stores has been sitting on the shelf and getting harder and harder and harder.  This biscotti has just the right amount of crunch.

You can find the recipe here.

Nigella’a chocolate fruitcake

Even Santa doesn’t seem convinced that the chocolate Christmas fruit cake could be delicious.

Santa will be missing a treat if he doesn’t taste the cake!  Among the ingredients are chocolate, honey, and Kahlua.

The cake gets better as the days pass.  This was still delicious after 3 weeks.

You can find the recipe on the Food Network web site here.

granola with cranberries for the holidays

A much needed break from the pounds of butter and sugar incorporated into the holiday baking, this granola provides flavor, nutrition, and crunch.

I baked mine a few minutes longer than specified in the recipe, and that was a mistake.  Once the granola cooled, it became quite crunchy.

The candied ginger adds a nice flavor boost, but half the amount listed in the recipe would be adequate.  Notice the tiny pecans.  They can be purchased on line at, from orchards in Hickman, KY, near my home.  The flavor of these small pecans is far superior to that of the larger pecans.  These pecans remind me of the pecans Mom would spend hours cracking and storing.


Recipe can be found here.

Happy New Year

..from me.
The cookies taste very good and received positive reviews from my ‘tasters’ at work, but the cut cookies did not hold their shape as well as I had hoped.  You can find recipe here.
The dough did come together as easily as the recipe stated.